Buyer beware: Don't Shop at Morris Home!

If you're here it's because you saw my Google Review that exceeded Google's character count so I had to link to this for the whole story. Otherwise you've landed here from my shameful promotion of a review for a small case study in what pitiful customer service looks like. Here's the whole thing. Enjoy.

P.S.--> I'd advise against shopping at Morris Home if you value your time and money.

It's been a long 6 weeks and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better.

We purchased a sectional from this location along with the protection plan. They tell you there's a one week "Happiness Guarantee". From one consumer to another I can tell you it DOES NOT APPLY.

Within the first few days we noticed that one end of the sectional wasn't reclining properly. The left half dropped while the right half stayed in the same position when you reclined this piece. There is a mirror image piece of the sectional on the other end so I'm pretty comfortable saying we have a control for what this SHOULD do. I called the store's number 6 days after delivery. I followed the prompts for guest services and then the option regarding "Furniture already in your home". I was routed to customer care from there. I provided my phone number. They looked me up and found me and my purchase.

I explained that we'd had the sectional delivered 6 days prior and would like one of the end pieces REPLACED as it's not sitting or reclining properly and is within 1 week of delivery. I was told that a technician needed to look at the equipment. The earliest a technician could be here was more than a week away. I obliged as I'm not one to argue over processes I'm unaware of and I'm typically a patient person. THIS WAS THE WRONG CHOICE. From the moment I agreed to have a technician come out, the "Happiness guarantee" was void and I had now "accepted service" on my 6 day old sectional. Clearly, I'm an idiot who should have know better, right? No? Well if you don't want to end up in the same boat then just avoid purchasing from Morris Home or any of their subsidiaries.

Continuing on...

It's been 6 weeks since I made that ill-fated decision. I've had a technician come out, scratch his head, tell us to call back to the service department in a few hours and they'll be able to review his notes and let us know where we go from here. I called the next day and was told that they needed to review the notes and would call me back the following day. Ok...

Nearly a week goes by...

I call back (because THAT'S how this should work, right? A product is defective and the CUSTOMER has to make sure it's set right...) to get a status update. I tell the representative that I just want the piece replaced and that's what I asked for originally. This is when I'm told that that's not an option because I've "accepted service". THIS is when Morris Home will tell you that you should've done something differently (What exactly that is? WHO knows! Did they have specifics? No way! Why would they need those!). This is where the switch flips and I start getting irritated. I argue with the representative and they awkwardly repeat that I made the wrong decision and I put myself here. This is what we call terrible, no good, very bad customer service. Telling the customer their wrong (especially when irritated and following YOUR process) is only going to upset them further.

After making no headway with the representative, she tells me that they can deliver a part and then (ONCE IT ARRIVES) schedule another technician to come out. I argue some more and explain that I don't want to wait a month for my sectional to get fixed. They explain that there's no way it would take that long. I explain that it already took over a week for someone to come spend 5 minutes looking at it and throw their hands in the air with no idea what was wrong. Why should I expect that this won't be the same?! They won't back down. This is the only way forward. Great. Thanks. REALLY appreciate that. I accept my fate and allow them to deliver that part. GUESS WHAT?! It "missed it's truck" and I was given the option to have it delivered nearly a week later. I start to lose it on the customer representative who has no problem telling me I can continue to wait. She explains that they'll try really hard to deliver in 2 days instead of a week but she can't do anything better. Fine.

I called the store and ask to speak to the manager. Once he's on the phone I get to talk to someone who clearly isn't happy with the choices they've made in life (sorry, but he sounded like he hated his job as much as anyone could). I explained the situation which didn't change his Eeyore-like inflection one bit. He took my information and said he'd work with customer service to see what he could do. That was after he explained that once customer service is involved, there's rarely anything he can do. THANKS PAL! REALLY SHOWING ME HOW A MANAGER BECOMES A MANAGER AT MORRIS HOME! JUST CLOCK IN EVERY DAY AND EVENTUALLY SOMEONE WILL RETIRE. WHOOPEE!

The manager has yet to call me back. Should I be surprised? Clearly not. It's only been a week...

The part was delivered last Saturday and the technician left our house yesterday after installing it. Ready for the twist ending? Too bad. It's just more of the same garbage. That part didn't do a thing and the technician is just as befuddled as the first one. He told me to give it an hour or two and call in to see what they can do next. I waited. I called. They can't see the notes until tomorrow. They want ME to call back tomorrow to see if they can do anything to help me.

BUYER BEWARE. Morris Home's problems become your problems when you shop with them and no one from this company will help you. I literally feel that I've wasted thousands of dollars on a faulty product from a company that DOES NOT CARE. Never again.

Prologue and Updates

Obviously I've written this because I think that this whole mess is ridiculous. I've tried to write it to express my frustration without being a complete jerk in the process and to make it (somewhat) entertaining because everyone has had some form of bad customer service in their life.. Yes, I'm posting this on social media and calling the company out and NO I won't apologize for it. No one has done anything to apologize to me for what I've dealt with here and NOT ONE PERSON from Morris Home has yet to give me any reassurance that I could depend on to make me feel like the company understands my concern. So, here it is. If you don't like it, don't read it. If you think it's ridiculous then you think it's ridiculous. I feel differently and have wasted too much time to not do anything. I'll continue to add updates below. Hopefully there won't be too many more.

UPDATE 6-17-17:
I just got off the phone after following up with Morris Home service again. They can now see notes from their technician! 😀

Sadly they continue to make bad choices. 😖

Now I get the privilege of having them come pick the piece up so they can "give it the time and attention it needs" in their warehouse and then they can bring it back. I told them not to do anything further until their manager calls me since she's busy with another customer at the moment (I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE? 🤔).