Tennessee to Delay PARCC Assessments

I'm with Commissioner Huffman on this decision by the state. Delaying the PARCC assessment and putting the state assessment out to bid can only hurt our students in the long run. It seems that the general response I hear from a lot of school districts is drowning out what should be heard. Our kids can handle a push to comprehend more, to work harder and to be held to a higher standard.

So can we.

PARCC requires technology upgrades for most traditional schools as the test is administered digitally. This means implementing wireless and relatively modern technology that can accomodate many students testing at the same time. I have a huge concern when I'm in a training and I hear grumbling from administrators because of the amount of work that will have to go into accomodating the PARCC assessments. I go into a rage when those grumbles become vocal opposition to the assessments because "kids can't comprehend how to use technology and it's unfair to expect them to do so in order to take a test". This kind of thinking is absurd. The modern employment landscape requires basic comprehension of a mouse, keyboard or touch interface in order to attain a job. What I hear is the adults not wanting to put in the hard work required to prepare for the PARCC assessment.

Common Core and the PARCC assessment is a critical part of what's necessary to compete on a global scale. Having a nationwide standard that asks more of our students and gives baseline results across the country is the best way forward. This decision is truly disheartening.