A Good Start and a LVly Update

What a great start! Course Code is more visible than any other site I've written for so thank you to everyone who's visited in the last few days since it launched. I feel like I've finally created a good outlet and something I can build on. I'm still finding the voice and how narrow or wide the content on the site will range.

With that said I have one change I've made to those of you who've subscribed via RSS. I've migrated to URI.LV in order to track the RSS audience and would love it if you'd re-subscribe through the new address at http://feeds.uri.lv/coursecode.

I heard about URI.LV on episode 40 of Systematic where Brett Terpstra interviewed Myke Hurley of the infinitely great 70Decibels podcast network on the show. URI.LV is an RSS feed tracking and management service similar to the ill-fated FeedBurner. If you're currently a FeedBurner user there is a migration tool to pull all of your data into URI.LV and even silently update your RSS feed for redirection to the new address. I appreciate that the service is independently created and can be supported by allowing its users to pay for it.

Thanks again to everyone who's stopped by and for those yet to come!