Reasoning with Yourself

From a great self-reflective piece by Charles Edge:

I need to stop reasoning crap to myself. When your alarm goes off in the morning and you hit snooze, you’re reasoning to yourself that you have a little more time. When you decide to eat that last slice of pizza knowing that even if you have Lactaid that you’ll have heartburn tonight you’re reasoning yourself into some good old fashioned acid reflux. When you work an extra 10 minutes rather than go buy flowers for your significant other, you’re reasoning yourself into divorce.

All of us who are geeky can relate to at least part of this post. While I'm not a big soda drinker and I kicked the midnight oil bucket a couple of years ago (at least when I have work the next day) I really took something away from the excerpt above (especially the last sentence). I often reason the wrong, lazy or easy choice to myself because it's exactly one of those three things. I sometimes fear that my work may cause issues in my personal life. When that feeling becomes too constant I have to step back, re-assess how I'm prioritizing my time and make the necessary changes to correct it.