When It Rains, It Pours

Ever since I started “making technology work” I’ve held a side business of my own. I started performing in-home technology support when I was 17 and my side work has an ebb and flow to it. It’s ranged from single handedly supporting a school on my two days off while I worked at Apple to just being on-call and supporting a handful of clients when something broke. The side work always seems to come and go at just the right time for me to be able to provide the level of support that I expect if I’m charging for it. For the last two years the latter has been the extent of my side business due to the needs of my day job.

Over the last few years I seem to have unknowingly put all of my clients onto the same schedule. It seems that about every six weeks I have a doozy of a week as something needs attention for multiple clients (usually) within 48 hours of each other. It’s a strange thing to get one phone call or email and know it’s foreshadowing of what’s to come during the next few days but somehow it makes me feel that I’ve accomplished something. I had a week like that this past week which is part of why the site hasn’t seen any new posts. I look forward to testing the theory in another 6 weeks.