Chris Walla has left Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie

Chris Walla has always been intriguing to me. He and Ben Gibbard have always been hard for me to deconstruct because they’re such complex guys[1] with immense talent (as are Jason McGerr and Nick Harmer). When I read that Chris Walla was leaving Death Cab for Cutie a part of me died. Death Cab for Cutie is my absolute favorite band. Their music has been there throughout so many milestone moments and is woven into so many seasons of my life. It encapsulates the odd arrangement of my first year of college while still being a senior in high school. Their music is one of the few common interests my wife and I fell in love over. It carried me through some of my loneliest and saddest times and kept me going. The music video for Title and Registration was the visualization for one of my most memorable moments teaching a sermon. So naturally having a fourth of the band leave feels like the end of an era.

We still have the upcoming new album from DCfC that Walla was a part of to look forward to but he’s already wrapped up his touring with the band. This video is his last performance with DCfC.

I teared up a little when they wrapped Marching Bands of Manhattan and Chris thanked the audience with tears in his eyes before huddling with his band and walking off stage for the final time as a member of Death Cab for Cutie. His passion and unique perspective for the world as an influence on the band's music will be missed.

  1. Just look at Walla’s statement about what he’ll be doing after leaving the band. “Moving forward, my plans are simply to continue making music, producing records, and erring on the side of benevolence and beauty whenever possible. Darkness may find me, but I shall never choose it.”  ↩