The Battle for the Net

With all of the hype around Apple's big event today it's hard not to wonder if the coalition that comprise Battle for the Net were purposeful in selecting September 10th for their internet slowdown campaign. The Internet Slowdown campaign is designed to raise awareness about net neutrality through a "loading" wheel overlay on participating websites tomorrow. Net neutrality is a demonstrably significant topic that impacts what the landscape of the future will look like. If ISPs are able to get their way, the future of the internet will undoubtedely look like this:

The Tiered Internet Source: Reddit user quink

If you've heard of net neutrality but aren't really sure what it is or what it means, please visit Battle for the Net's website and get informed. If you're running a web property of any kind, consider participating in the Internet Slowdown tomorrow. Setting your site(s) up requires 5 minutes of your time and will help raise awareness for a principal that will impact the future of what you do online. Apple's big event will drive tons of traffic to many tech centric sites tomorrow. It's hugely important that we take advantage of that traffic to raise awareness for net neutrality.