Setup a Faux-301 Redirect on Hover

If you're looking to transfer or buy a domain name I would look no further than Hover to do so. They've built a well designed and function forward platform for managing all aspects of your domain names that doesn't muddle your experience with add-on services and hidden menus. With that said I recently ran into the first snag with Hover that I've ever had.

I transferred a domain into Hover that used Nationbuilder as the CMS for the site. Like a lot of CMSes Nationbuilder uses a www CNAME record to direct traffic to the domain for the site within said CMS. Setting up the www CNAME record for the domain was no problem but setting up a redirect for naked domain ( for example) was something I wasn't able to do within the DNS console. After some initial digging that landed me on this Hover support article I called Hover's no-hold, no-transfer policy-wielding support team and Martin picked up within two rings to help me out. He explained that Hover doesn't currently support 301 redirects but that he'd be able to get me up and running with what I needed. Here's what we did to resolve the issue:

Setup 301 Redirect on Hover - Step 1 1. Navigate to the Domain Details tab for the domain in question.

Setup 301 redirect on Hover - Step 2 2. Click Edit next to the Forward This Domain option and enter the domain with the www host in the URL and click Save.

Setup 301 redirect on Hover - Step 3 3. Navigate to the DNS tab for the domain in question.

Setup 301 redirect on Hover - Step 4 4. Click Add New and add an A record that points to and click Save.

Setup 301 redirect on Hover - Step 5 5. Verify that the new A record is setup within your DNS dashboard.

What we've done above is to setup forwarding if someone enters so it redirects to The additional A record ensures that DNS looks to Hover for any other records to be sure email and other hosts aren't affected. While this isn't a true 301 redirect, I'm sure it will cover the bases for a lot of people that just need the domain to redirect to the www host for their site.