No, I Haven't Tried Animal Poop Coffee

Marco Arment's commentary about the most current animal-poop coffee fad is right on. I get uncomfortable when telling people the time and methods I use to make coffee and why it's important to me. Marco writes about one of the exact same experiences I have that drives me nuts when I do.

And every time people find out that I’m a coffee nerd, they will ask me if I drink this. Every time. Because that’s what happens with Kopi Luwak. It’s like how app developers are guaranteed to be pitched terrible or impossible app ideas by their parents’ friends.1 I’ll continue to be asked about poop-coffee by everyone for years to come, and I’ll have the same response: No, I haven’t tried it. No, it probably isn’t worth it. No, it probably isn’t that different from just good regular coffee.

The general mockery of my perceived (and forcefully embraced) snobbery by having strong opinions and a heavy interest in coffee is my number one reason for avoiding the discussion when it comes to the topic. Luckily I have a website to share my interests.