Gimlet Media Launches Membership Program

Gimlet Media

While StartUp, the podcast that started it all for Gimlet Media ended a few weeks ago, a bonus episode dropped last week. The episode was a status check on the company, specifically in regards to advertising. This episode had exactly the behind-the-scenes coverage of the company that the first season provided when Alex Blumberg set out to launch his new media company. This bonus episode also lead to the announcement of the Gimlet Media membership program.

Joining the new membership program gives you early access to new shows that Gimlet is piloting. You can also pick a shirt if you sign up for an annual subscription. The designs feature the Gimlet logo or the logo of one of the three current shows that Gimlet produces; StartUp, Reply All, and Mystery Show. This is the first iteration of the membership and Gimlet promises to add more value to the program as they figure out exactly what that looks like. I would expect this to include more behind-the-scenes access to the production of Gimlet's podcasts. At $5/mo or $60/yr the membership program is a no-brainer for anyone who enjoys even just one of Gimlet's shows. The early access alone is worth the price.