Halfway Home

When Tweetbot introduced the new Topics feature a few weeks back I didn't see a use case for myself. Last week, that changed. I once wrote I'd be recommending music here and then went on to write a couple of reviews only to find that it takes a better understanding of music theory to properly convey what's good about an album. I spent a lot of time waffling over getting the descriptions of the albums I was recommending just right. I wanted the words to convey the physical and emotional feel I would get from an album but I couldn't articulate it to the degree I wanted in longer form.

Still wanting to recommend music and having a two hour commute via public transit five days a week I realized that I could use the new topics feature to keep an ongoing log of recommendations. I'm always looking for great albums that I can listen to straight through and aren't comprised of a few worthwhile songs with a lot of filler. These are the albums that will make their way to the Halfway Home Twitter Collection. There are also tons of singles that will make their way into the collection. I'm also thinking of sharing podcast episodes that stand out on the commute. Since I'm an Apple Music subscriber, that's where I'm linking to with these recommendations. I've also created an Apple Music playlist that you can subscribe to if you use the service. If this is the absolute worst use case of someone using Twitter to you, just mute #halfhome in your Twitter client of choice.

I'm a week in and the playlist is already over a hundred songs deep. I'm sure I'll slow down eventually but I have a ton of music that I think is worth your time and I have a dedicated time to listen to what's new and scope out great artists as new music is released. You can find links to access everything below. I hope you enjoy it!

Twitter Collection

Apple Music Playlist