Choices, Changes and a New Addition

When Courney and I were first engaged we both agreed that we wouldn't start a family until we turned 30. Two and a half years ago I turned 27 less than a month after our son Riley was born. Over these two and half years we've grown as a family in so many ways. We've sold our home, moved to a completely new city, sold our cars and donated most of our possessions to live a simpler life without a robust support system of friends and family like we had in Memphis. Courtney is able to stay at home with Riley and we make it work on half our previous income in a city that's twice as expensive to live in. Every parent out there knows this but parenthood isn't something you come into knowing how to do. You make choices and adjust as you go, constantly monitoring and considering everything. We're really happy with the big choices we've made since Riley was born and not so happy with some smaller ones (but that's for another day). At the end of 2015 we were ready to grow our family and in February we got the great news that we're having a second child. Usually people share this on social media much sooner than I am but we chose not to. It's been fun to tell people individually over the last few months. We're having another boy and we can't wait to meet him in November. The holidays are going to have a new blessing and a new chapter for us as a family. I can confidently say that we're ready for it.

Oh, and Riley is ready to be a big brother!

Riley’s Going to Be A Big Brother!